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Welcome to the Lens Therapy Forums!

Chris / May 02, 2017 / Announcements
Today marks the 121st day since Lens Therapy officially launched December 31st, 2016 on Instagram (ig: @lenstherapylive) and here we are 7,600+ photographers later with our very own photography forum! 😃🎉

This will be our home away from home (or, you know, at home on your laptop), to share the latest news, events, updates and, most importantly, share our tips, tricks, photos and stories with each other in order to develop the greatest photography community in the world! #squadgoals

So, if you're just joining us now you're here on the ground-floor of what will become the central hub for all-things Lens Therapy! Sign up, join the forum, share your story, ask questions, and get the personal photography advice you can't get anywhere else.

Thank you for being a part of this, Lens Therapy would never exist without you and your support. It's your questions, contributions, love and encouragement that keep me and our community growing together and moving forward. You're awesome. 😉👍

We are all photographers, here.

-Chris William Williams


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