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#13312341 Jun 21, 2017 at 09:38 PM
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Trying to start a photography business and not going so well . The only people that seem to want pictures are friends from work and they want them free . My boss wanted to do school pictures which I though was a bit over my head right now turns out she wanted to just pay me my hourly wage . I said NO thank you . I joined a fb group asked for cc and one said my photo looked like a cell phone pic. Not sure if I'm getting anywhere and feeling like just discouraged.
#13320062 Jun 26, 2017 at 04:00 PM
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Hey Carol! Sorry for the delay here, but I'm glad I was already able to get back to you in our Saturday LIVE stream. 😊

To recap: I am so sorry you encountered such negative and unhelpful feedback in the Facebook group--but I'm glad you've found us instead. Our community aims to give helpful, useful, constructive criticism which (in other groups) tends to just be cruel and unusual punishment.

Finding clients is one of the toughest parts of beginning, or building, a business--whether it's a hair salon or a portrait studio.

The best advice I have for finding clients locally is to use Instagram's huge userbase, and detailed search tools, to find the people most likely to hire you.

To do that, I'm going to borrow a method I'd originally learned from Gary V. in one of his DailyVee episodes on his YouTube channel (I found it!).

He explains that you can use IG's search and hashtags to find local users, who like similar businesses to yours, and send them direct messages, or share your photos on similar hashtags so your posts can be found by them. It's like free advertising that you can tailor to your potential audience (check out the video!).

I also agree your hourly rate should not be the same as your work salary/wage because it's a different job.

Discouragement happens, but it doesn't have to happen as often if you surround yourself with supportive people. I hope this forum and community can be that for all of us. 😄
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